The Ordinary Heroes documentary series, done in partnership with Pinch Media, depicts real-life stories of Bosnian citizens, who, by choosing to rescue the ‘other’, became heroes in a time when their country was committing acts of genocide. Each 30-minute episode includes interviews with the rescuers and those they saved; conversations with neighbors, friends, and family members who can contribute to their stories; and an insight into the impact rescuer behavior has on the process of reconciliation, peacebuilding and democratic transition. 


Episode 1: Mina & Ferid

This is the story of Ferid who, during the Bosnian War, was taken against his will into the mountains of the Romania region in Eastern Bosnia where he was to be executed. Out of 77, he was the only one to escape. In his search from refuge, only one woman stepped forward to take the ultimate risk and save his life. That woman was Mina.

Episode 2: Đorđe & Salih

Đorđe and Salih have been friends for the majority of their lives. From the outside, their relationship seems normal, but Đorđe is a Bosnian Serb and Salih is Bošniak (Bosnian Muslim). Such relationships are no longer common after the war. In 1995, Salih was taken from his home and transported to the notorious Batkovic concentration camp where he was left to endure inhumane conditions and the psychological torment of wondering if he would ever make it out alive until Đorđe came to rescue him.

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Episode 3: Zoran & Azra

This episode focuses on the story Bosnian rescuer Zoran Mandlbaum, a Jewish man from the city of Mostar. During the Bosnian War, Zoran had the choice to leave, but the legacy of the Holocaust motivated him to stay and initiate various humanitarian efforts to help those trapped within the city and nearby concentration camps.

Episode 4: Jagoda & Hamdija

This is the story of a young Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) boy who sought refuge in a time of war, and two Catholic Croats who risked their own lives by taking them into their home in order to protect him.

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