The time is coming, your time. Long live peace.

Photo by Steve Leisher on Unsplash

Good morning, holy world. I welcome another wounded day in which mothers cry, another day in which girls don’t get roses, another day in which young men have to brave what seems to be a never-ending storm. We face a destiny that is purely our own. This message is not for you men, whose blood has long been spilled in liters; this message is for you gentlemen, who are spilling blood. Our hands and voices shake before you, our eyes brim with tears, but we are not afraid of you. We are fed up with tyranny. We don’t want to be powder for your cannons or your shells. We don’t want to be a mere statistic. In China or Japan. We will not let you look for more of us innocents who are ready for slaughter.

We unanimously want peace, and that is exactly what our democratic vote is for. And while you persistently turn a deaf ear to our calls, a new wave of humanity is beginning. In this wave come daring, brave, and skillful people, those who can love, those who know how to love. World, we are coming: those of us who are not afraid of being hurt, those of us who do not defend headscarves in schools, those of us who let people believe and live the way they want. We let two men love each other as much as they can and express it wherever they want. We don’t kill sisters in Palestine while they are defending their brothers from the rain of bullets, we don’t yell into the microphones “long live the state” while our state lives off of the dead. We are the new generals and accordingly issue an unequivocal order: Soldiers worldwide, lay down your weapons! DROP THE GUNS AND LEAVE THE CANNONS! You are free, return to your homes and take back your free lives. To those trapped, from this day forth you are free. To those hungry, from this day forth, you are fed. And to you, those who hate, from this day forth, you are gone.

We brought back life befitting a human being, a life full of opulence and abundance in which the elderly do not merely make ends meet but live comfortably, smiling. We gave all the roses to the women, the children are free and playing, the sun shines more beautifully now that you are gone. And no, this is not a song. World, this is you as we created you.

And now again. Good morning, holy world. I greet peace and the white dove with an olive branch in its beak. I greet you, pure Sarajevo, sparkling Belgrade, charming Zagreb. I welcome peace and breathe peace together with the only race that lives here now: the human race. And I also salute you who think this is utopia, believe me, it isn’t. It is only your fear to accept this speech with all your heart. Folks, let’s open our hearts and receive a new wave of elation. This was a speech on the occasion of the liberation of Ukraine, Palestine, America, and the liberation of the whole world. Today we got rid of ignorance and hatred. We no longer need Tito to have golden times. People work and are paid for it. Children are loved and no one prevents them from returning from the playground dirty. There is freedom and light. The time is coming, your time. Long live peace.

“We think too much and feel too little…”

– Charlie Chaplin

Author: Omar Zahirović. Omar is a trained Balkan Diskurs correspondent from Visoko. He studies journalism and communication in Sarajevo. As a high school student he started exploring people and their complex nature. Art is his great passion.