Palestine, Sweden

Hadi is a Palestinian-Swedish academic, researcher, and writer. He is the executive director of the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies Canada (IMESC) and serves as the regional manager for Gulf countries at Varieties of Democracy Institute, Gothenburg University, Sweden. He holds a PhD in Political Studies from Milano University and an MA in Public Policy from Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, Germany. Hadi is also the advisor and program manager on religion and public affairs at Adyan Institute in Beirut. He is a fellow of the Soliya network for dialogue and was selected as a junior scientist at the 30th Alternative Noble Prize by Right Livelihood College. Hadi is the author of “Social Movement, Political Party or Armed Militia: Hamas as an informal institution” and his writings have appeared on a number of local and international platforms, including Huffpost, OpenDemocracy, Qantara, Your Middle East, Jaddaliya and others. In 2017, Hadi was selected as one of the most influential figures on social media in Palestine.