William P. Woodward is a former Senior Vice President of Kerr-McGee Corporation and former President of Kerr-McGee’s worldwide Chemical Operations. Before his retirement in 2004, Mr. Woodward held positions in Operations, Sales & Marketing, Product Management, and Management. During a 33-year career at Kerr-McGee Corporation, Mr. Woodward oversaw chemical operations in the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. At various times, Mr. Woodward managed the Research & Development and Safety & Environmental Affairs group for Kerr-McGee as well as the Human Resources group. During this time he served on the Board of Directors for the Company’s Tiwest Joint Venture in Perth, Australia, the company’s Cristal Joint venture in Yanbu, Saudia Arabia and the Avestor project with joint venture partner Hydro Quebec in Montreal. Mr. Woodward is additionally a former President of The Petroleum Club of Oklahoma City. He and his wife Victoria reside in Edmond, Oklahoma.