We believe that sound and interdisciplinary research methods are essential for both development and implementation of all advocacy-based programs. We regard research as a unique way to understand strengths, weaknesses, constraints, and opportunities of both our work and the work done in this sector across the region and the world.

Our research approach is two-pronged: 1) conducting and facilitating research within wider research endeavors in the Western Balkans and 2) conducting evidence-based evaluations and impact of all our major programs. We are engaged in several research projects with regional and international partners that focus on how different mechanisms, contexts, systems, and structures enable or inhibit the culture of peace in BiH, the Western Balkans, and ultimately, in a global context. Our research aims to bolster knowledge of successes and failures in the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation, promote innovation, advance understanding, and inform best practices. Furthermore, we invest time and resources to measure and learn from the impact of our work through continuous monitoring and evaluation. We take time to reflect on our learning and approached, to integrate it into our work, and to share this knowledge locally, regionally, and internationally.