Given that the youth is regarded as the leading force of progress and positive change in the Western Balkans and across the globe, the majority of our educational programs and peacebuilding initiatives are geared towards young people. We recognize the importance and the role of younger generation in the ongoing process of reconciliation and the conflict prevention.

Our programs advocate and promote the values of justice, peace, cross-cultural understanding, and reconciliation amongst the youth who will shape the historical narratives of tomorrow. Working both locally and regionally, we implement our youth-focused peace education initiatives with a goal of establishing sustainable peace. We are committed to engaging the youth from the Balkan region in programs that promote personal and intellectual growth through deepened understandings of division, conflict, reconciliation and pluralism. Our educational programs build on the dissemination of historical memory and dialogue to prevent, mitigate, and transform conflict and post-conflict environments stemming from ethnic, religious and political identities.