Date of implementation: 6–8 June 2010
Partners: Association for Concentration Camp Detainees Bosnia-Herzegovina (ACCDBiH)
Supported by: US Embassy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and the OSCE Mission to BiH

PCRC held a conference “Remembrance and Forgiveness: Steps towards a Brighter Future” in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. This conference was the first of its kind in Bosnia-Herzegovina, bringing 35 international students and 65 Bosnian students from throughout the country together to discuss the issues surrounding genocide and concentration camp detainment. The conference was opened by US Ambassador Charles English and participating panelists focused on events that took place in Bosanska Krajina and Srebrenica during the Bosnian war. Students had the unique chance to hear from prominent experts, journalists, professors and survivors on the topics of genocide, reconciliation and peacebuilding.