PCRC provides internship opportunities to local, regional, and international youth in an effort to educate them about Bosnia’s conflict history and post-conflict present. In addition, working at PCRC allows interns the chance to directly participate in BiH’s peacebuilding process. Our program involves a wide range of field activities and site visits designed to engage and broaden interns’ knowledge in a variety of areas including transitional justice, human rights, and reconciliation. This is important because PCRC wants its interns to be able to share and disseminate the information they have learned in their own communities as well as utilize and apply their newly acquired skills toward their career goals.

PCRC’s internship program has become a core part of our organization’s operations as our interns contribute their ideas and creativity to our projects and programs. The diversity of backgrounds, viewpoints, and areas of expertise PCRC interns possess adds great value to making our organization truly unique.

The work of PCRC would not be possible without the contributions and dedication of our talented and creative interns. Our interns come from both within Bosnia and Herzegovina and across the globe. The PCRC internship is designed to allow our interns to explore their unique interests while creatively contributing to our overall mission.

It is important to note that all internships are currently unpaid, and in person.

In order to apply, please download the materials below and submit your application form, one professional or academic reference letter, and your latest CV to [email protected]. In case you have issues submitting any of these documents, please reach out with your circumstances, and we can take it under advisement.

“The sheer number of opportunities I was afforded as an intern is unbelievable, including activism, blogging, photojournalism, graphic design, interviewing, project management and curation.”

Stephanie Sugars (USA)

“PCRC will undoubtedly introduce you to issues and solutions that lay outside of the traditional reconciliatory process. An internship with PCRC is a phenomenal learning experience, but be warned, you will fall deepley in love with Bosnia.”

Morgan Radbourne (Canada)

“Being an intern sucks if you really think about it…It feels like a constant cycle of unpaid, under-appreciated work. This was my overwhelming sentiment until I arrived at the Post-Conflict Research Center. HOLY BALLS I LOVE THIS PLACE!”

Laura Feehs (USA)

“If I were to sum up interning at the PCRC in three words they would be; challenging, eye-opening, and fun.”

Philip Farrell (Ireland)

“Working at PCRC has made me feel I can truly make a difference and contribute to building a better future in my country.”

Jelena Vukobrat (BiH)

“I felt like we were constantly contributing something positive to Bosnia, and throughout that process I felt included and central to PCRC’s work.”

Vanja Pantic (BiH)