Date of implementation: June 2015 – ongoing
Partners: Educators Institute for Human Rights (EIHR), Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst Bosnia and Herzegovina (ForumZfD)

Through extensive research in Holocaust history and comparative genocide studies, internationally recognized patterns of warning signs, acts of violence, international response, and rebuilding in the aftermath of atrocities offer opportunities to consider, revise, and implement effective methods of intervention and reconstruction. Cooperation between key personnel at the grassroots level, in this case classroom teachers, scholars, policy makers, and other educational stakeholders, holds the potential to generate momentum toward the rebuilding of community in the wake of mass violence.

Since 2017, PCRC, Educators Institute for Human Rights and Forum ZFD – Bosnia and Herzegovina held a series of meetings and workshops to develop a stable, realistic plan for training teachers and materials based on a common understanding of educational priorities in mass atrocities prevention and response. The first teaching manual on “Holocaust & Peace – Lessons from the Past for the Future” is accessible below and is meant to be a supportive and practical, didactical guide for educators in general, and teachers in particular, who work with high school and first year university students as well as with young people in formal and nonformal educational sectors.