Date of implementation: June 2015 – ongoing
Partners: Educators Institute for Human Rights (EIHR), Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst Bosnia and Herzegovina (ForumZfD)
Supported by: U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through extensive research in Holocaust history and comparative genocide studies, internationally recognized patterns of warning signs, acts of violence, international response, and rebuilding in the aftermath of atrocities offer opportunities to consider, revise, and implement effective methods of intervention and reconstruction. Cooperation between key personnel at the grassroots level, in this case classroom teachers, scholars, policy makers, and other educational stakeholders, holds the potential to generate momentum toward the rebuilding of community in the wake of mass violence. Educators Institute for Human Rights (EIHR) and PCRC, with the support of partner organizations, are creating teaching materials that would allow teachers and educators across BiH to include the study of the Holocaust in their curriculum, since this content provides the greatest opportunity to address core concepts of moral and civil courage, peace and intercultural education, and the role of the individual in effecting positive change.

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