Art And Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture, And Community
Exploring how the arts may (or may not) contribute to facilitating reconciliation through research with artists and organizations working in post conflict settings.
Real Voice of Journalism
To improve the overall position of journalists and media activists and prevent further derogation and violations in the area of freedom of expression in BiH, PCRC is undertaking comprehensive, on-the-ground research about the state of media freedom across the country.
Women’s Rights After War: Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Women’s Rights After War Project will advance our understanding of how to further advance women’s rights and equality in the aftermath of war—vital prerequisites for security and democracy.
Challenges and Experiences of Migrant Integration
This project will present stories that emerge from experiences of Bosnian (ex-Yugoslav) migrants who, during the Bosnian war 1992-1995 escaped to Germany in the search for a better, peaceful life.
Who Rescues? Who Betrays? The Fate of Cross-Ethnic Friendships in Wartime
Research focused on better understanding rescuer behavior and the psychological processes and internal mechanisms that drive some individuals to act as rescuers during war and conflict.
Fostering Reconciliation Through Historical Moral Exemplars in a Postconflict Society
Damaged intergroup relations in post-conflict contexts marked by histories of war and human rights violations constitute a major obstacle to peace-building and reconciliation.
Ethnic Conflict, Educational Challenges, and Socioeconomic Struggles in a Bosnian Town-A Longitudinal Study
Effective, localized socioeconomic strategies can trump ideologically constraining identities.
My Body: A War Zone: Documenting Stories of Wartime Sexual Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Nepal
While art cannot replace formal judicial mechanisms or material reparation, grassroots artistic initiatives may offer significant and distinct reparative contributions to transitional justice processes.
Why Bosnia Has the World’s Highest Youth Unemployment Rate
In a research article for the GlobalPost PCRC’s Velma Šarić and photographer Elizabeth D. Herman analyze main triggers and challenges of youth unemployment in post-conflict BiH.
Seeking Truth in the Balkans
"Seeking Truth in the Balkans" is a documentary project that explores the legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) from the human rights versus the jurisprudential perspective.
Harvard International Human Rights Clinic
PCRC was commissioned by the Harvard International Human Rights Clinic to assist in research being conducted on the topic of armed conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina with a particular focus on the various roles assumed during conflict.