Global Reparations Summit

From 25-26 March, PCRC will have the honor to attend the Global Summit on Reparations for Victims in Belgrade. Organized by the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation, a program of International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, the Summit will present the results of a one-year research on the current state of affairs regarding human rights violations in 16 countries around the world. Furthermore, over 100 participants from more than 25 countries will gather at this event to discuss reparations programs in their countries, with the task of preparing recommendations for societies that experience similar experiences after leaving the conflict. Thank you to the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth, and Reconciliation program and program partners International Sites of Conscience, Public International Law and Policy GroupABA Rule of Law Initiative, Fond za humanitarno pravo (Humantiarian Law Centre), and Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation for putting together this important event.