Assistant Editor

Georgio Konstandi is a Bosnian Genocide researcher and MA graduate in Southeast European Studies at University College London (UCL), where he graduated with a Distinction. He wrote his master’s thesis on expressions of anger in Bosniak literature. Georgio studied his undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, where he graduated with a First-Class degree in Modern Languages (French, Spanish, and Russian at the Cambridge Language School).

Georgio is the founder of the Bosnian Genocide educational project, Voices from the Drina, which simulates a newsfeed to imagine how the Bosnian War would have looked like had it unfolded on social media. The project will go live in 2024 and Georgio looks forward to integrating the project into British schools. He completed an internship at The Times in 2021 and at the Srebrenica Memorial Center in 2022.