Campaign Theme: Youth unemployment
Team Members: Naila Elkasović, Ramiz Sijamhodžić, and Hasan Talić
Campaign Mediums: Infographic presenting unemployment statistics from Bužim, interviews with unemployed youth from Bužim, Balkan Diskurs articles features youth success stories from BiH
Social Media Platform: Facebook

Campaign Overview: Many BiH youth are now leaving the country to seek stable employment and build a new life elsewhere as a result of the country’s staggering youth unemployment rate. For those that remain, unemployment can lead to a number of issues, including feelings of injustice, marginalisation, and disenfranchisement. Such feelings can influence vulnerable citizens, especially youth, to adopt extremist viewpoints and gravitate towards radical ideologies and actions. The #SpiritOfSuccess campaign will feature youth success stories in an effort to inspire hope among BiH’s youth that opportunities for success do, in fact, exist

About Team Bužim

Naila Elkasović

Naila (20) is a 3rd year student at the University of Bihać’s Faculty of Education, Department of English Language and Literature. In addition to her studies, she works as a field reporter for the humanitarian organization “4Life”.

Hasan Talić

Upon completing high school, Hasan (28) enrolled at the University of Bihać’s Technical Faculty, graduating from the wood and industrial department. He now works as an assistant at the technical faculty in Bihać. He is married and the father of one child.

Ramiz Sijamhodžić

After completing the mechanical high school in Bužim, Ramiz (21) enrolled at the University of Bihać’s Technical Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering where he is currently a 4th year student of mechanical engineering.