Muhamed Mešić was born in 1984 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A lawyer by academic training, a learner by vocation and a networker by passion, Mešić has worked with initiatives, projects, groups, and businesses in 24 countries on four continents. By age 16, he was serving as City Councilor in his home town of Tuzla, and, by age 26, he was able to communicate in 56 different languages—from Aramaic to Yiddish, from Basque to Kinyarwanda, and from Quechua to Georgian—making him what most consider to be a linguistic genius.

Mešić has held workshops and seminars, given lectures and interviews and written for books, newspapers, and electronic media on topics such as creative industry, sustainable development, global citizenship, genocide studies, and human rights. His network spans the world, from Argentina to Finland. Additional professional experience includes working as Project Manager for the British Council and acting as Senior Consultant for sustainable development and education projects for the Brainswork Group.

Mešić remains an optimist committed to changing the world for the better and is a fan of the Arctic, cycling, flags, and some of the world’s worst football teams.