International Conference on Reparation: “Moving from a Divided Past to a Shared Future”

PCRC’s President Velma Saric took part in the International Conference on Reparations in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The conference, organized by IOM and the Sri Lankan Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms, and sponsored by United Nations Sri Lanka, UN Peacebuilding and Australian Aid, brought together approximately 130 participants from government and non-governmental sectors, development partners, the UN, local and international NGOs, civil society organizations, victim groups, academics, experts and other relevant stakeholders. Key topics discussed during the conference were victim reparations in transitional justice, reparation policies, reparation processes, civil society and reparations, reparations remedies and services, gender and reparations, and various IOM country case studies. On the second day of the conference, Velma spoke on the ‘Civil Society and Reparations’ panel, discussing the role PCRC has played in serving the needs of survivors of sexual violence here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.