Restoring a Culture of Peace: ICTY Legacy Dialogues Conference Side Event

Join PCRC as they discuss their innovative and diverse peacebuilding strategies, including their collaborative projects with the ICTY. Driven by a vision for a society in which people no longer perceive diversity as a source of conflict, but as the basis for prosperity, PCRC is dedicated to restoring a culture of peace in the Western Balkans by creating, implementing and supporting multifaceted approaches to peacebuilding, human rights and transitional justice. The goal of this event is to bring together PCRC representatives, legal experts, activists, government officials and civil society leaders to discuss PCRC’s peace education and conflict prevention programs and their role within the wider transitional justice landscape of the Western Balkans. Panelists and audience members will explore the social, economic and political challenges to building a sustainable peace in the region and how we can together utilize conventional and unconventional transitional justice mechanisms to build just societies that will foster healthy democracies. PCRC will also be presenting information about its regional coalition for genocide prevention, formed with the UN Office on Genocide Protection and the Responsibility to Protect.