Bosnia and Herzegovina / United States of America

Dijana Mujkanović has been a Visiting Research Fellow with the PCRC since June 2022. She joined PCRC with the aim of collaborating on research regarding interfaith and ethnically exogenous couples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, colloquially referred to as “mixed couples.” She is also a Ph.D. Candidate in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh and a Visiting Research Scholar with the Psychology of Intergroup Conflict and Reconciliation Lab (PIRC) at the Hebrew University in Israel. Her research centers around cross-ethnic relationships in ethnically polarized settings with focus on the Mediterranean region and, particularly, Israel and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a trained mixed-method scholar who places great emphasis on translating research knowledge into policy and practice. Before joining GSPIA, Dijana worked with various grassroots and international organizations in the sphere of civil and human rights advocacy, specifically as they relate to refugees, indigenous populations, and other marginalized communities.