Initial release: November 2020


A Balkan Journey is a Visual Arts project in the form of an exhibition and a book of photography and essays, alongside interactive international and local events. During 2020/2021, PCRC assisted photographer Chris Leslie to document his photographic journey through the towns and cities of post-conflict Former Yugoslavia in this extensive and previously unseen 24-year archive from the region.

This collection of work showcases Chris’s earliest photographs from a war-ravaged Croatian town in 1996, through to the present-day Sarajevo of refugees and migrants trapped in limbo. 2020 marked a quarter of a century since the end of the conflict, but the region and Europe continues to struggle with conflicting ideologies. A Balkan Journey, presented as a Visual Arts project, provides a crucial moment of reflection at this time, both for viewing public and for the artist at a pivotal moment in his life and career.