Citizen Journalism and Digital Activism: Youth Multimedia Training & Mentorship Program
A series of interactive workshops and practical work sessions that focus on increasing participants’ understanding of the causes and manifestations of intolerance and discrimination between divided groups, the difference between freedom of expression and hate speech, the work of relevant authorities, and the role of citizen media in response.
Balkan Diskurs
A unique media outlet that aims to disseminate the voices of Bosnian youth and PCRC’s international youth volunteers.
ASBO Magazine: Bosnian Edition
Showcasing the artistic talents and potential of Bosnians and Herzegovinians in an effort to empower and give them an international platform to share their work, ideas, and opinions on music, fashion, art, and cinematography.
Srđan Aleksić Youth Competition
Each year, PCRC runs a nation-wide competition that challenges Bosnian youth, ages 16 - 30, to uncover stories from their communities that relate to moral courage, rescuer behavior and interethnic cooperation. Winners and runners-up receive the opportunity to publish their stories on Balkan Diskurs.