Partners: Subjective Editions, Newcastle University

Since 2023, PCRC has partnered with Subjective Editions and Newcastle University to create the Subjective Atlas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Subjective atlases are bottom-up cartographic publications by Subjective Editions mapping a country, region or city by the inhabitants themselves. Subjective Editions is the publishing platform, founded by designer Annelys Devet that develops participative production processes and distributes these engaged publications. This collaborative project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) combines participatory action research with arts- based methods in the geo-humanities to implement, analyze and assess co-existence and reconciliation efforts in a deeply divided society. The programme offers a critical and joyful context for reflecting on and experimenting with forms of counter-mapping, non- linear storytelling and different methods of bringing a place in perspective. Main contributors of the Subjective Atlas of Bosnia and Herzegovina are young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina recruited and coordinated by PCRC, as the main local partner, coordinator, editor, and curator.