Initial Release: 1 October 2011
Produced By:
PCRC and Pinch Media
“Best Microbudget Film,” Raindance Film Festival
Aired On:
Al Jazeera Balkans & Maori Television
500,000 Viewers Across the Balkans

During the Bosnian war, 677 concentration camps, detention centers, rape camps and informal places of torture were established. Dozens of thousands of men, women and children were captured and tortured, and many were killed. Uspomene 677 depicts the stories of three concentration camp survivors and three teenagers from each of Bosnia’s constituent ethnic communities who must now come to terms with their country’s violent past. Living in a Bosnia fighting for EU membership, they’re desperate to find a way to live together and move towards a more peaceful tomorrow.

“The message conveyed by the film is one of hope and of understanding that out of painful and complex circumstances a creative, positive and encouraging experience is able to emerge. That despite such negative memories and current dilemmas present in everyday Bosnia, people find ways to understand one another, to share and to find together a safe space for a reconciled future.”

– Louis Monroy Santander, Researcher, Colombia