Production Date: 2014
Photographers: Blake Fitch, Pete Muller, Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati, and Midhat Poturovic
Partners: Proof: Media for Social Justice
Supported By: British Embassy in Sarajevo

My Body: A War Zone documents the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war through the testimonies of women survivors from around the world. Unveiled during the 2014 Bosnian launch of the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict, it aims to help survivors transform from victims to participants in the struggle for justice. To date, the exhibition has been displayed in over 10 city centers and main squares throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina and was featured during the 2015 WARM Festival in Sarajevo.

“Documenting and preserving these powerful stories for future generations can help us to avoid a recurrence of such atrocities down the road and can serve as a tool to end impunity for perpetrators.”
-Midhat Poturović, Photographer, Bosnia-Herzegovina

“Discussion and recognition are the only two things that can help us to move from this negative point. Stop saying that everything is wrong and start working towards solutions and better future.”
-Hasija, Survivor, Bosnia-Herzegovina