PCRC utilizes photography as a tool for outreach and education. Our organization is now recognized as primary point of contact for artists, press inquiries, and partnerships, and we collaborate with artists to develop site-specific installations and exhibitions. We are also proactive in selecting exhibitions that can be incorporated into our educational activities.

The Sarajevo Camera Kids
Creating an advocacy, education, and awareness tool that can be utilized to create a space for dialogue and elicit policy change to improve the status of BiH’s orphaned and marginalized children.
The Siege of Sarajevo through the Judgments of the ICTY
“The Siege of Sarajevo through the Judgments of the ICTY” exhibition showcases the atrocities that unfolded in Sarajevo during the Siege.
After the Great War. A New Europe 1918 -1943
Devoted to the first post-First World War years, the exhibition has over 200 archive and multimedia materials, which include pictures, maps, films and individual stories of people who lived during this time.
Transitions | Stories from BiH, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the USA
Transitions is a four-part international cultural exchange between the cities of Chicago, Bogotá, Goma, and Sarajevo, this exhibition highlights several national journeys of transitional justice in post-conflict environments.
The Rescuers | Stories from BiH, Rwanda, Cambodia, and the Holocaust
The Rescuers displays the portraits and testimonies of rescuers from around the world who risked their lives to save the lives of others during time of genocide and mass atrocity.
My Body: A War Zone | Stories from BiH, Nepal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Colombia
My Body: A War Zone documents the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war through the testimonies of women survivors from around the world.
Warriors of Peace | Stories from BiH, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Egypt, and Northern Ireland
Warriors of Peace explores the post-conflict experiences and struggles of women who have played frontline roles as combatants in recent wars.
Hasija’s Story
Hasija’s Story documents the journey of one survivor as she returns to her high school where she was forced to endure the horrors of rape and sexual violence while being detained during the Bosnian war.
Lake Perućac
With photographer Velija Hasanbegović, PCRC curated and presented an exhibition titled 'Perućac,' about the discovery of remains from the Višegrad massacres in 1992, which was unveiled PCRC's conference ''Picturing Moral Courage: Stories of Survival''.
A Living Man Declared Dead
PCRC Founder and President Velma Saric worked as a researcher, consultant and field work producer in Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Tuzla and Srebrenica. Velma also assisted in post-production and curated the text for the exhibition.