Release date: 2022

Partners: Post-Conflict Research Center, City of Sarajevo, Sarajevo Information Center on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Srebrenica Memorial Center, Memory Module and Forum ZFD.

Photographer: Paul Lowe

Photos from the “SIEGE” series by photographer dr. Paul Lowe testify about the terrible war-ridden everyday life of the citizens of Sarajevo, but also the ubiquitous spirit of resistance. Dr. Paul Lowe is an award-winning photographer and professor of photography at the University of the Arts in London, and Head of the Department of Master’s in Journalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. Dr. Lowe is also an academic advisor to the VII Academy and an emeritus of the VII photo agency. The siege of Sarajevo – the longest siege of a capital city in modern history, began in April 1992 and ended in February 1996. Photos taken by Dr. Paul Lowe during the siege record the daily lives of the citizens of Sarajevo. They reveal two parts of the story of besieged Sarajevo – on the one hand it is about suffering and uncertainty that lasted for almost four years, and on the other hand, it is a story of incredible courage, creativity and survival of life.

SIEGE was opened on April 4, 2022 in Sarajevo during the Marking the 30th Anniversary of the Siege of Sarajevo, and in Belgrade on April 12 on the same occasion.