Primary objective: To create, organize, preserve, and update a collection of oral testimonies, personal statements, written confessions, letters, memos, journals and diaries, audio-video materials, maps, photographs and pictures to exhibit cases of rescue from the perspectives of rescuers and survivors who received help to escape, evade, or were saved from persecution and extermination.
Partners: International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

As a result of its “Ordinary Heroes Peacebuilding Program,” PCRC has become a hub for the collection and recording of rescuer testimonies from the Bosnian war from 1992 – 95. The vast majority of such stories from BiH have yet to be uncovered, and the absence of such stories is provide little common ground around which different ethnic groups can coalesce as well as allows more space for the dominance of polarizing and provocative narratives that serve to reinforce divisions. To address this issue, PCRC is currently developing the plans for an “Ordinary Heroes” Digital Archive, which will be an online repository of rescue narratives and survivor testimonials involving rescue during the Bosnian War.

PCRC will utilize a number of mechanisms to uncover and document untold stories as well as to preserve, organize, and make accessible existing stories. PCRC is currently working with archive specialists and organizations with well-established archiving systems to start creating a system for the materials, and the collection of stories, as well as the discovery and recording of new stories, will be ongoing throughout the development process.