Date of Implementation: June 3 – July 30 2010

Atlantic Initiative (AI), in coordination with the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Political Science, the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) and Post-Conflict Research Center hosted the study-abroad program, “2010: State and Nation Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. This eight-week, educational and experiential learning program, designed and organized by PCRC’s Velma Šarić, took place in Sarajevo from June 3rd through July 30th, 2010. Eight American graduate and undergraduate students from UCD, University of Denver (DU), and Metro College Denver, along with five Bosnian students from the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Political Science, participated in this summer’s program. Students attended lectures at the University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Political Science each morning and participated in internships with local non-governmental organizations in the afternoons. American professors led courses that focused on institution-building, corruption, reconciliation and peacebuilding for BiH and the Balkans region. Local experts from politics, media, national and international law and academia shared their experiences and insights, thereby adding a new dimension to the theoretical basis of the courses. In addition to time spent at the faculty, students participated in a number of study trips that further deepened their understanding of Bosnia and Herzegovina.