After establishing itself as a leading peacebuilding organization in the Western Balkans, PCRC has maintained a close working relationship with the ICTY for over five years and is currently working in partnership with its Sarajevo Outreach Office. One of the primary goals of this partnership is to educate Balkan youth about the ICTY’s role in transitional justice in an interactive and accessible way. PCRC has extensive experience in the fields of youth and peace education and delivers curriculum and workshops throughout the region as part of its award-winning and internationally recognized Ordinary Heroes Peacebuilding Program. PCRC and the ICTY saw an opportunity to collaboratively develop a new module for PCRC’s “Heroes in Training” youth workshop component of the program, which will focus on the topics of perpetrator psychology and the processes behind perpetrator confessions. This new module will be created using ICTY archival materials and expertise and will be delivered to youth from around the region by representatives from both PCRC and the ICTY.

In addition to its peace education work, the ICTY has high regard for PCRC’s work to bring awareness to issues surrounding women’s and victim’s rights. Through its project “Breaking the Stigma and Silence Surrounding Sexual Violence in Conflict’’ PCRC provides a platform for victims of wartime sexual violence to address the culture of impunity and stigmatization in BiH as well as to empower Bosnian women and youth to affect positive change at the community, societal and institutional levels. The ICTY has confirmed the participation of its Sarajevo Outreach Office staff in several of the project’s planned activities, including panel sessions and film screenings, which will be organized in various locations throughout the country. Furthermore, ICTY is also PCRC’s main partner in the work surrounding the region-wide Coalition for Genocide Prevention with the UN Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect.