The Post-Conflict Research Center began its cooperation with movie director Angelina Jolie in the winter of 2010 when PCRC Founder and Executive Director Velma Šarić was asked to act as a consultant for her film In the Land of Blood & Honey. Šarić was first tasked with utilizing her network of war victims’ associations and non-government organizations to compile statistical data and provide necessary contextual information and details regarding events depicted in the film. She continued to provide assistance throughout the film’s production and post-production.

Shortly after the film’s completion in December 2012, Jolie asked PCRC to organize private screenings of In the Land of Blood & Honey in Sarajevo for representatives of various victims’ associations from both the Federation and Republika Srpska entities of BiH. Because of the sensitive nature of the film’s content, it was extremely important to Angelina to get feedback from those for whom the movie was made before releasing it to the general Bosnian public. PCRC was responsible for setting up all logistics regarding the screenings as well as gathering the thoughts, impressions, and feedback from the representatives present.

Private Screening for Victims

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After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from victims’ associations from all sides of the conflict, Jolie planned the official Sarajevo premiere for February 14, 2012 at the Olympic Stadium Zetra. PCRC was asked to co-organize and co-host the premier, together with the Sarajevo Film Festival’s Obala Art Center, and was responsible for distributing Angelina’s personal donation of 2,100 tickets to students, NGO representatives, embassies, victims associations, and human rights activists throughout the country.

PCRC was additionally tasked with coordinating Jolie’s VIP and after-party guests. Such guests included High Representative Valentin Inzko, EU Special Representative to BiH Peter Sørensen, British Ambassador Nigel Casey, Norwegian Ambassador Vibeke Lilloe, Swiss Ambassador Andre Schaller, along with 60 other important diplomats, international organization representatives, and NGO representatives.

Finally, PCRC arranged a private meeting between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with women victims of war from all sides. The women were given the chance to share their stories and experiences, moving Angelina to tears.

Bosnian Film Premiere in Sarajevo

PCRC has received personal approval from Angelina to use In the Land of Blood & Honey for educational and advocacy purposes. An additional screening for war victims from Republika Srpska was held in Banja Luka in March 2012 and the film has been screened for student and youth groups throughout BiH and the region. PCRC will continue to use the film as a tool to push for the regulation of victims’ status and will be utilizing the film in an upcoming women’s empowerment project planned for 2015.

Continued Collaboration

PCRC continues cooperation with Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie on other initiatives in BiH.

On March 28, 2014 PCRC representatives participated in the Preventing Sexual Violence (PSVI) Conference organized by the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the British and Norwegian embassies.